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◕ ‿ ◕ CIRE LOUISE is the name. Half ghost, part time swashbuckler. Deep, blurred, filtered and scared to sink. Will be sailing to the city that never sleeps.


Nakakain ba yun? De jk lng, wala ko nun, sa panahon ngayon kase mas masarap pa kumaen kesa magmahal. Mas masarap pang mag daydream na kunyare nag sail ako patungong New York City habang nagi-stargazing sa sarili kong ship kasama ang mga pirates ko kesa mag commit sa isang relationship.

4th year college, Commerce, UCnians. Bat to ang course ko? Yun kse gusto ni mommy, kung ako masusunod, syempre tourism, pangarap ko yun eh.

Some Facts

EXOSTAN ako, Chanyeol at Luhan fanatic. GDragon lover. Nagkaka girl crush lalo na pag nakakatomboy yung kagandahan niya. Mahilig ako mag sulat sa diary ko, with different colors of ballpen. madalas ko gamitin brown, pero ngayon green nabili ko eh. Crush ko si Luke Hemmings ng 5SOS. Mahilig akong mag selfie tas mag adjust ng opacity at overlays. Addict rin ako sa wattpad and soundcloud. Lastly, isa akong poging binibini na mahilig sa ice cream, chocolate, fries, moo, at PAN.

Main Secret

I'm a swashbuckling pirate, wag kang papahuli saken, pag nahuli kita hindi na kita papakawalan pa.

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A new cover for my fb! :)) That picture was taken at Manila Memorial, hahaa lol. As I was reading that 16 years old blog, I was inspired to put nirvana, then boom. ♥

To the last person who got under my skin

I haven’t felt like this for months now. I haven’t felt so happy and relieved.

It hit me, after watching Silver Linings Playbook, that your mind conquers your body. It programs your system to a goal or an intention and you’ll do everything and anything for it.

Yet it doesn’t banish the chances of bumping into occurrences you have always tried to avoid, occurrences that you cannot avoid eternally.

I haven’t felt like this for months now. I haven’t felt so happy and relieved. What do they call this? Bliss, maybe? Here’s how it feels. It feels as light as a feather. It’s like I’m floating. The light has never been this bright and the walls were never as white. The little plant on the corner of the kitchen is perfectly positioned.

My smile is now involuntary.

Although I might have been miserable for the past days, I have come to think that what had happened was meant to be. Not that we were supposed to end up in a wedding but you were meant to teach me something. I am not entirely sure what it is but here is what I learned: you will think that something is really what it appears to be but truth is, it’s not. It’s something bigger than the immediate inference. It’s something truer than your impulse. There’s this one moment when you stop whatever you’re doing and your accounts hit you. Your eyes widen and you unconsciously smile. Then, there is a glint of joy different from all the others, and that anvil in your chest turns to dust.

I am back on track. I can finally function well.

Thank you for letting me know that I can still feel. Thank you for a snippet of a fairytale. You’d always say “forever.” Our affection is not forever. Forever is the entire existence of what you have labeled as “us.”

Maybe you were right when you said I wasn’t really in love with you and that I was just in love with the idea of you. You don’t exactly know what it is until one magical moment. But I felt what I felt and I meant what I spoke to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not feel tearful while I write down all of these pieces of you. I do feel a sting, but I am not sad. What I am feeling right now is some kind of eunoianirvana, or sophrosyne. It’s all positive thinking and authentic and typical. I am grateful that at one point of my living, someone brought into concrete existence all the fictions and motion pictures I have encountered. I will never forget the way you made me feel and the way I felt for you even though I’m not quite sure if it is love.

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Kelangan mo rin ihanda ang sarili mo, darating ang araw na may magsasabi ulit sayo ng mga katagang "MAHAL KITA". Kelangan mong makinig at tanggapin na hindi habang buhay, malungkot ka at mag-isa. Minsan, hindi niya sasabihin yang 2 words na yan. Kukumutan ka nalang niya habang nanonood ka ng movie. Hahalikan ka niya sa noo bago ka matulog. Nakangiti na yan sa harap mo paggising mo sa umaga, at mukha agad niya ang una mong makikita. Kelangan mong makita ang lahat ng yon. Kelangan mong maramdaman at tanggapin. Hayaan mo siyang mahalin ka at tulungang kalimutan ang mapait na kahapon. Magtiwala ka lang.


1) A boy telling you you’re pretty won’t make you see the beauty in the fullness of your cheeks, in redness of your lips at 2 in the morning when tequila is making the bar bathroom spin. He can’t take away the ugliness that you see in yourself, you have to do that.

2) You have to be ready to hear someone say they love you. You have to be ready, and you have to be willing, and you have to listen. Because sometimes, they won’t say those three words, they’ll put a blanket over you while you’re watching a movie, they’ll kiss your cheek when they think you’re asleep, they’ll smile when they see you first thing in the morning. But you, you have to be willing to see it, feel it, let it in. Letting someone love you takes practice.

3) Don’t make compromises you can’t live with. Compromise is a different version of what you want, not a whole other Universe.

4) Learn to say no. No - to a movie you don’t want to watch; no - to sex you don’t want to have, no- to a relationship that’s driving you mad. Say no - to things that hurt you, to people that extinguish your fire, to jobs you hate and places that are desolate. There are bad things that we can’t control, bad things that happen and we are sucked into and have to feel with every fibre of our being, but the rest - learn to distance yourself, learn to say no.

5) Don’t expect people to walk through fire for you - not your parents, not your friends, not the person you’re in love with. Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, love shouldn’t mean sacrifice. Don’t expect someone to give away pieces of them, so they could fit you better. And don’t feel hurt when they refuse to - it’s self-preservation. Instead - learn from them. Do it as well.

6) Don’t tether yourself to people. Learn to make connections, to love, with both your feet steady on the ground. Learn to let people pass through your life; like a summer breeze, not a storm that’s just been unleashed.

7) Learn the difference between growth and growing up before it’s too late. Rooftops and water fights and ice cream for breakfast can be a part of your life at 10, 25, or 35. But by the time you’re 35 you need to learn to say enough, to be able to walk away, you need to be able to love yourself. Love yourself the way you loved yourself at 10, before the world had a chance to fill your head with ugliness.


- m.v., The list of things I learned before turning 22, pt.1. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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"When someone shows you their heart, their past, their wounds, they have entrusted you with the deepest part of themselves. It is the part of themselves that makes them uniquely beautiful. To be trusted in this way is a great honor. Guard that trust with your life."

- Yasmin Mogahed (via ding-ang-bato)

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I’m starting to fall.

Life is very beautiful.

Don’t focus on how many times you you feel worthless, unloved, left behind, and cheated. Instead, think of how many times you stood up the courage to let go, move on and live again. Life is always an ending process of learning and that’s the best lecture you will encounter for the rest of your life.